Adventures with the Parkers | Rowman & Littlefield
Adventures with the Parkers
Join the Parkers, an intrepid family of four, as they venture into our most popular national parks in search of adventure and the most incredible scenery America has to offer. Each book in the Adventures with the Parkers series (for kids 8-13 and their parents) is packed with action and excitement as well as interesting facts about plants and animals, geology, park history, outdoor safety, wilderness tips, and environmental and preservation issues affecting the parks. The books also offer helpful information on travel plans, great places to hike, ranger programs, historic lodges, and much more. Maps and full color illustrations and photographs dramatically depict the family's journey into each spectacular destination. The Parkers' adventures are realistic and authentic. Everything the family experiences in the parks could happen in real life—maybe to you and your family! The Adventures with the Parkers series is a great way to get to know our incredible national parks and can help you plan your next visit ahead of time. They also make a perfect souvenir to remind your kids of your visit to the park and the priceless family time spent together in some of America's most spectacular settings. You're guaranteed to have a memorable outdoor adventure in hand when you make these books part of your next national park experience. Adventures with the Parkers Series Bryce Canyon and Zion National Parks: Danger in the NarrowsGlacier National Park: Going to the SunGrand Canyon National Park: Tale of the ScorpionGreat Smoky Mountains National Park: Ridge Runner RescueMount Rushmore, Badlands, Wind Cave: Going UndergroundOlympic National Park: Touch of the Tide Pool, Crack of the GlacierRocky Mountain National Park: Peril on Long's PeakYellowstone National Park: Eye of the GrizzlyYosemite National Park: Harrowing Ascent of Half Dome