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Genre Film Auteurs
Genre Film Auteurs is a new book series focusing on the transformation of film genres by contemporary directors working within them. Each monograph in the series will constitute an in-depth examination of the aesthetic points of intersection between the creative vision of a particular director and the enabling constraints of genre conventions. The result will illuminate the processes of genre construction and authorship that take place within, and shape, collaborative industry practices. The books in this series are intended for film scholars, film students, and anyone with a serious interest in film criticism, film genre, and film authorship. Advisory Board: Frank P. Tomasulo, College of Motion Pictures, Television, and Recording, Florida State University; Howard Rodman, Division of Writing, School of Cinema-Television, University of Southern California; Paul Monaco, Department of Media and Theater Arts, Montana State University

Editor(s): Eileen Jones, Chapman University
Staff editorial contact: Nicolette Amstutz (
The Cinema of Michael Winterbottom
Lexington Books • November 2012 • Monograph
John Dahl and Neo-Noir: Examining Auteurism and Genre
Lexington Books • March 2010 • Monograph
The Cinema of Michael Mann
Lexington Books • August 2007 • Monograph