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Issues in Eastern Woodlands Archaeology
Issues in Eastern Woodlands Archaeology emphasizes new research results and innovative theoretical approaches to the archaeology of the pre-Columbian native and early colonial inhabitants of North America east of the Mississippi River Valley. The editors are especially seeking contributors who are interested in addressing/questioning such concepts as historical process, agency, traditions, political economy, materiality, ethnicity, and landscapes through the medium of Eastern Woodland archaeology. Such contributions may take as their focus a specific theoretical or regional case study but should cast it in broader comparative or historical terms. We seek to both challenge and inform the targeted graduate student and professional audience. Proposals currently under consideration include topics such as indigenous warfare, Archaic complexity, Iroquoia, and cultures in contact. Scholars interested in contributing to this series are encouraged to contact Thomas Emerson, ITARP-Anthropology, 23 East Stadium Drive, University of Illinois, Champaign, IL 61820;

Editor(s): Thomas E. Emerson and Timothy Pauketat