Explorations in Contemporary Social-Political Philosophy | Rowman & Littlefield
Explorations in Contemporary Social-Political Philosophy
As our world continues to be buffeted by extreme changes in society and politics, philosophers can help navigate these disruptions. Rowman and Littlefield’s ECSPP series books are intended for supplementary classroom use in intermediate to advanced college-level courses to introduce philosophy students and scholars in related fields to the latest research in social-political philosophy. This philosophical series will have multidisciplinary distribution and the potential to reach a broad audience of students, scholars, and general readers.

We seek concise student-oriented books written with philosophical insight and analysis but in accessible prose without jargon and with practical examples for multidisciplinary and general readers. The books should address and explore significant or controversial contemporary social-political questions and be suitable for a wide range of courses throughout the humanities (Philosophy, English and Comparative Literature, Cultural Studies, Ethnic and Gender Studies, Justice Studies, Religious Studies, Communication, Journalism).

Prospective authors should send nmandziuk@rowman.com (Natalie Mandziuk, acquisitions editor), lshrage@fiu.edu, and nzack@uoregon.edu a brief Query about your manuscript, prospectus, OR description of a manuscript in progress.

Editor(s): Naomi Zack and Laurie Shrage