Critical Issues in American History | Rowman & Littlefield
Critical Issues in American History
In Critical Issues in American History, leading scholars acquaint students with critical events, individuals, and problems in U.S. history, and emphasize narrative as a means of introducing students to historical analysis. The books consist of single-authored, thesis-driven studies that are designed as supplementary texts for survey and upper-division undergraduate American history courses. The series focuses on topics in all of the subdisciplines of U.S. history, and spans the period from the pre-colonial era to the present. The books contain an introduction that acquaints students with the historical problem, its historiography, and its significance in history; narrative chapters that cover the chronology of the event or problem; and a concluding chapter that provides the historical interpretation and analysis. Volumes also include a bibliographic essay and a glossary of terms. Editorial Advisory Board: Paula Baker, University of Pittsburgh; Jane DeHart, University of California, Santa Barbara; William Rorabaugh, University of Washington; and Allan Winkler, Miami University of Ohio