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The Concordia University Leadership Series
Education leaders have many titles and positions in American schools today: professors, k-12 teachers, district and building administrators, teacher coaches, teacher evaluators, directors, coordinators, staff specialists, etc. More than ever, educators need practical and proven educational and leadership resources to stay current and advance the learning of students. The Concordia University Leadership Series is a unique resource that addresses this need. The authors of this series are award-winning authors and scholars who are both passionate theorists and practitioners of this valuable collection of works. They give realistic and real-life examples and strategies to help all educators inspire and make a difference in school improvement and student learning that get results. This Leadership Series consists of a variety of distinctive books on subjects of school change, research, completing advanced degrees, school administration, leadership and motivation, business finance and resources, human resource management, challenging students to learn, action research for practitioners, the teacher as a coach, school law and policies, ethics, and many other topics that are critical to modern educators in meeting the emerging and diverse students of today. These books also align with current federal, state, and various association accreditation standards and elements.Staying current and building the future require the knowledge and strategies presented in these books. The Leadership Series Originator, Daniel R. Tomal, Ph.D. is an award-winning author who has published over 15 books and 100 articles and studies, is a highly sought-after speaker and educational researcher. He along with his coauthors provide a wealth of educational experience, proven strategies that can help all educators aspire to be the best they can be in meeting the demands of modern educational leadership.

Editor(s): Daniel R. Tomal