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Critical Studies on the Left
Advisory Board: Georgia Bassen, Hayward State University, retired; Ann Ferguson, University of Massachussetts, Amherst; Milton Fisk, Indiana University, emeritus; Michael Hames-Garcia, University of Oregon; Nancey Holmstrom, Rutgers-Newark; Kathryn Johnson, San Francisco State University; Tommy Lott, San Jose State University; Desiree Melton, College of Notre Dame of Maryland; Eduardo Mendieta, SUNY, Stoneybrook; Mecke Nagel, SUNY, Cortland; Richard Peterson, Michigan State University; Gail Presbey, University of Detroit Mercy; Roberto Rivera, San Francisco State University; and David Schweickart, Loyola University Chicago. Critical Studies on the Left publishes books elaborating views of the alternatives to capitalism. It includes works aimed at the development of cogent, accessible socialist visions informed by the projects of contemporary movements: peace, sustainability, identity, dignity, human rights, equality and international solidarity.

Editor(s): Anatole Anton and Richard Schmitt