20th Century Political Thinkers | Rowman & Littlefield
20th Century Political Thinkers
As we approach the twenty-first century, Rowman & Littlefield is proud to announce a new series that will provide a comprehensive and insightful overview of the great political thinkers of the twentieth century. Twentieth Century Political Thinkers includes original introductions to and interpretations of the most influential political thinkers from within and beyond political science whose social, religious, literary, economic, and political perspectives have deeply influenced the field of political theory. The series includes thinkers who represent the diverse interests of political theorists from Leo Strauss to Herbert Marcuse. It balances fresh, thoughtful perspectives on leading thinkers with works on those not yet adequately represented in the canon. Books in the series appeal to political scientists, philosophers, historians, literary theorists, and theologians, and are valuable to advanced undergraduate as well as to graduate students and specialists in the field. While each volume in the series will be significant in its own right, as a collection Twentieth Century Political Thinkers stands as a monument to the vitality of contemporary political thought.

Editor(s): Kenneth L. Deutsch and Jean Bethke Elshtain