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Communication, Media, and Politics
This series features a range of work dealing with the role and function of communication in the realm of politics, broadly defined. Including general academic books and texts for use in graduate and advanced undergraduate courses, the series encompasses humanistic, critical, historical, and empirical studies in political communication in the United States. Primary subject areas include campaigns and elections, media, and political institutions. Campaign topics may cover elections, news, debates, electoral strategies and tactics, and political advertising, to name just a few. Considerations of the media may include the role and impact of broadcast media, new technologies, and the Internet. Institutional studies will examine the role and function of communication activities in Congress, state and local government, and, of course, the Presidency. Communication, Media, and Politics books will be of interest to students, teachers, and scholars of political communication from the disciplines of communication, rhetorical studies, political science, journalism, and political sociology.

Editor(s): Robert E. Denton Jr., Virginia Tech