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Contemporary Issues in Islam
Most contemporary books on Muslims tend to see Islam as an exotic, backward, medeival, violent, mysogynist tradition that just does not fit with the modern world. Other are simplistic rebuttals of this Islamophobia. The goal of this series is to fill in the gaps of knowledge with accurate information on contemporary issues and comprehensive summaries of the foundations of the Islamic worldview. With this goal in mind, this series explores many aspects of Islam and Muslim life including: both the fundamentals of Islam and Muslim engagement of contemporary issues in Muslim practice, Muslim communities, economics, medicine, law, new configurations of the geography of the Muslim and Islamic worlds, contemporary issues in the Arab world and among Arabs in America, Muslim reform movements in America and in the Muslim world. While this series aims to be comprehensive, it does not claim to be exhaustive. The series seeks to make complex issues comprehensible while still engaging for both students in various disciplines and general readers.

Editor(s): Aminah Beverly McCloud (DePaul University)