Critical Issues in Contemporary American Education Series | Rowman & Littlefield
Critical Issues in Contemporary American Education Series
This timely set of inter-related, unified paperback books, written with both the university student and the interested reader in mind, addresses the most important and prominent public and academic debates over education today. Written by some of the most prominent scholars and researchers in the field, books in the series focus on pivotal issues within the broader rubrics of ethnicity and equity, education reform, and education policy. These issues continue to spark controversy in the public arena, as well as in the university classrooms. The concise, topical books in the series offer a much-needed interpretive synthesis of the field+s most crucial debates. Providing students, educators, policymakers, and general readers with the historical future directives necessary in evaluating educational issues, Critical Issues in Contemporary American Education, will play a major role in shaping educational research and policy for the twenty-first century.

Editor(s): Eugene E. Garcia and Walter G. Secada