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Critical Issues in Disabilities and Education
The social, legal, and political history of persons with disabilities in the United States and internationally has been significant, especially in the areas of social justice, civil rights, and cultural inclusion. This series will focus on various perspectives on issues involving the social, political, and cultural experiences of people with disabilities. Manuscripts in this series will address topics such as: (1) legal developments at both the national and international level; (2) social and cultural models of disability and its outcome on the inclusion and/or exclusion of individuals with disabilities; (3) the benefits and challenges of the current educational system for children and adolescents with disabilities, including specific methodologies and categories of students (e.g., educational approaches for students with Autism Spectrum Disorder, inclusive education for students with disabilities, etc.); (4) philosophical perspectives of special education/education for students with disabilities; and (5) issues regarding transitional support services and approaches to community support for adults with disabilities.

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