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Historical Dictionaries of Africa
There is a lot to like about Scarecrow's various Historical Dictionaries series. The books are written by experts in the area or country that is covered. All contain well-written brief histories of the country and chronologies that, though they cover historical time periods, heavily feature more recent events. Brief A-Z entries cover the main people, politics, social issues, foreign affairs, institutions, and policies that make the country unique. Extensive bibliographies are divided into several general subject areas. -Booklist With a population of about a billion people, an area that represents about 22 percent of the world+s surface, and an abundance of natural resources, Africa will play a crucial role in 21st century world affairs. Alas, among many outsiders - and Africans as well - very little is known about this vast and diverse continent other than what is read in the headlines. The Historical Dictionaries of Africa, with coverage of more than 50 countries, certainly dig much deeper and provide information on multiple aspects of these countries and this over their long history from the origins to the current period. The books are written by eminent specialists on these countries many of whom are nationals thereof. Each historical dictionary looks at the country several times, first in a chronology tracing their long history, then an introduction which provides a general overview. But the bulk of the information comes in the dictionary section with hundreds of entries on important persons, places, events and institutions relating to their history, politics, economy and culture. Further information can be sought through fairly extensive bibliographies. In addition to the Africa series, other historical dictionaries in related series deal with Pre-Colonial Africa, Women in Sub-Saharan Africa, International Organizations in Sub-Saharan Africa, Civil Wars in Africa, and United States-Africa Relations.

Editor(s): Jon Woronoff