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American Folk Music and Musicians Series
This series published books that cover a broad spectrum of folk styles and interests in North America, focusing on the 20th century, highlighting the diversity of possibilities. Books have dealt with the history of folk instruments-both the Appalachian dulcimer and hammered dulcimer-the connection between left-wing politics and folk music-the autobiography of Earl Robinson and Richard Reuss's seminal history of folk music and left-wing politics-the eclectic musical sources and styles of Ry Cooder, Taj Mahal, Ramblin' Jack Elliott, Paul Clayton, and Bob Dylan, and the history of folk music festivals in the United States. The American Folk Music and Musicians Series has been replaced by a series titled Roots of American Music:Folk, Americana, Blues, and Country. Inquiries and submissions for Roots of American Folk Music may be addressed to June Sawyer at

Editor(s): Ronald D. Cohen