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From Altar-Throne to Table: The Campaign for Frequent Holy Communion in the Catholic Church
978-0-8108-7164-9 (April 2010)
By Joseph DoughertyScarecrow Press
Discovering World Religions at 24 Frames Per Second
978-0-8108-5996-8 (September 2008)
By Julien R. FieldingScarecrow Press
To Defend the Constitution: Religion, Conscientious Objection, Naturalization, and the Supreme Court
978-0-8108-4544-2 (September 2002)
By Ronald B. FlowersScarecrow Press
Fear, Anomaly, and Uncertainty in the Gospel of Mark
978-0-8108-4202-1 (November 2001)
By Douglas W. GeyerScarecrow Press
The Quest for Christian Unity, Peace, and Purity in Thomas Campbell's Declaration and Address: Text and Studies
978-0-8108-3842-0 (October 2000)
By Thomas H. Olbricht and Hans RollmannScarecrow Press
I-Sight: The World of Rastafari: An Interpretive Sociological Account of Rastafarian Ethics
978-0-8108-2895-7 (August 1998)
By Jack A. Johnson-HillScarecrow Press
The Black Jews of Ethiopia: The Last Exodus
978-0-8108-3414-9 (June 1998)
By Durrenda Nash Onolemhemhen and Kebede GessesseScarecrow Press
The End of a Crusade: The Student Volunteer Movement for Foreign Missions and the Great War
978-0-8108-3340-1 (December 1997)
By Nathan D. ShowalterScarecrow Press
Myth for Moderns: Erwin Ramsdell Goodenough and Religious Studies in America, 1938-1955
978-0-8108-3339-5 (November 1997)
By Eleanor Bustin MattesScarecrow Press
The Prism of Time and Eternity: Images of Christ in American Protestant Thought from Jonathan Edwards to Horace Bushnell
978-0-8108-3172-8 (December 1996)
By Bruce M. StephensScarecrow Press
Orishatukeh Faduma: Liberal Theology and Evangelical Pan-Africanism, 1857-1946
978-0-8108-3091-2 (July 1996)
By Moses N. MooreScarecrow Press
An Unordinary Man: A Life of Father John LaFarge, S.J.
978-0-8108-3094-3 (June 1996)
By Robert A. HechtScarecrow Press
Sundays in New York: Pulpit Theology at the Crest of the Protestant Mainstream, 1930-1955
978-0-8108-3079-0 (May 1996)
By William B. LawrenceScarecrow Press
Reformed Confessionalism in Nineteenth Century America: Essays on the Thought of John Williamson Nevin
978-0-8108-3058-5 (March 1996)
By Sam Hamstra Jr. and Arie J. GriffioenScarecrow Press
Press Toward the Mark: History of the United Lutheran Synod of New York and New England 1830-1930
978-0-8108-3026-4 (June 1995)
By Robert F. ScholzScarecrow Press
What Ministers Know: A Qualitative Study of Pastors as Information Professionals
978-0-8108-2916-9 (September 1994)
By Thomas M. TannerScarecrow Press
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