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An Index to English Periodical Literature on the Old Testament and Ancient Near Eastern Studies: Part 1: Author Index and Subject Index A-I / Part 2: Subject Index J-Z, Foreign Word Index, and Citation Index, Volume 9
978-0-8108-7805-1 (June 2011)
Edited by William G. HupperScarecrow Press
History of the Telugu Christians: A Bibliography
978-0-8108-7243-1 (March 2011)
By James Elisha TanetiScarecrow Press
The Wilderness, the Nation, and the Electronic Era: American Christianity and Religious Communication, 1620-2000: An Annotated Bibliography
978-0-8108-6158-9 (July 2009)
By Elmer J. O'BrienScarecrow Press
The Oxford Movement and Its Leaders: A Bibliography of Secondary and Lesser Primary Sources, Second Edition
978-0-8108-6193-0 (March 2009)
By Lawrence N. CrumbScarecrow Press
More Than Silence: A Bibliography of Thomas Merton
978-0-8108-6095-7 (May 2008)
By Patricia A. BurtonScarecrow Press
The Holiness-Pentecostal Movement: A Comprehensive Guide
978-0-8108-6093-3 (February 2008)
By Charles Edwin JonesScarecrow Press
Donald G. Bloesch: A Research Bibliography
978-0-8108-5989-0 (October 2007)
By Paul E. Maher - Foreword by Donald G. BloeschScarecrow Press
The Augustana Evangelical Lutheran Church in Print: A Selective Union List with Annotations of Serial Publications Issued by the Augustana Evangelical Lutheran Church and its Agencies and Associates, 1855-1962, with Selected Serial Publications after 1962
978-0-8108-5831-2 (February 2007)
By Virginia P. FollstadScarecrow Press
The Keswick Movement: A Comprehensive Guide
978-0-8108-5861-9 (December 2006)
By Charles Edwin JonesScarecrow Press
The Literature of Islam: A Guide to the Primary Sources in English Translation
978-0-8108-5408-6 (September 2006)
Edited by Paula Youngman Skreslet and Rebecca SkresletScarecrow Press
The Wesleyan Holiness Movement: A Comprehensive Guide
978-0-8108-5433-8 (November 2005)
By Charles Edwin JonesScarecrow Press
International Mission Bibliography: 1960-2000
978-0-8108-4785-9 (October 2003)
Edited by Norman E. ThomasScarecrow Press
Petra and the Nabataeans: A Bibliography
978-0-8108-4846-7 (August 2003)
By Gregory A. CrawfordScarecrow Press
JYrgen Moltmann: A Research Bibliography
978-0-8108-4471-1 (September 2002)
By James L. Wakefield - Foreword by J├╝rgen MoltmannScarecrow Press
Science and Religion in the English-Speaking World, 1600-1727: A Bibliographic Guide to the Secondary Literature
978-0-8108-4011-9 (September 2001)
By Richard S. Brooks and David K. HimrodScarecrow Press
The Christian and Missionary Alliance: An Annotated Bibliography of Textual Sources
978-0-8108-3995-3 (March 2001)
By H. D. AyerScarecrow Press
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