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Leadership Matters
978-0-7591-2183-6 (December 2013)
By Anne W. Ackerson and Joan H. BaldwinAltaMira Press
Writing Local History Today: A Guide to Researching, Publishing, and Marketing Your Book
978-0-7591-1902-4 (October 2013)
By Thomas A. Mason and J. Kent CalderAltaMira Press
A Graveyard Preservation Primer, Second Edition
978-0-7591-2241-3 (August 2013)
By Lynette StrangstadAltaMira Press
Archives for the Lay Person: A Guide to Managing Cultural Collections
978-0-7591-1971-0 (December 2012)
By Lois HamillAltaMira Press
Encyclopedia of Local History, Second Edition
978-0-7591-2048-8 (November 2012)
Edited by Carol Kammen and Amy H. WilsonAltaMira Press
Organizing Archival Records: A Practical Method of Arrangement and Description for Small Archives, Third Edition
978-0-7591-2169-0 (October 2012)
By David W. CarmichealAltaMira Press
Starting Right: A Basic Guide to Museum Planning, 3rd Edition
978-0-7591-2139-3 (August 2012)
By Gerald George and Carol Maryan-GeorgeAltaMira Press
Preservation Politics: Keeping Historic Districts Vital
978-0-7591-2051-8 (April 2012)
By Bill SchmickleAltaMira Press
Fundraising for Small Museums: In Good Times and Bad
978-0-7591-1969-7 (May 2011)
By Salvatore G. Cilella Jr.AltaMira Press
Twilight at Conner Prairie: The Creation, Betrayal, and Rescue of a Museum
978-0-7591-2010-5 (April 2011)
By Berkley W. Duck IIIAltaMira Press
Early American Decorative Arts, 1620-1860: A Handbook for Interpreters, Revised and Enhanced
978-0-7591-1944-4 (September 2010)
By Rosemary Troy KrillAltaMira Press
Nearby History: Exploring the Past Around You, Third Edition
978-0-7591-1249-0 (September 2010)
By David E. Kyvig and Myron A. MartyAltaMira Press
Nomenclature 3.0 for Museum Cataloging: Robert G. Chenhall's System for Classifying Man-Made Objects
978-0-7591-1193-6 (January 2010)
By Paul Bourcier; Ruby Rogers and The Nomenclature CommitteeAltaMira Press
Preventive Conservation for Historic House Museums
978-0-7591-1216-2 (January 2010)
By Jane Merritt and Julie A. ReillyAltaMira Press
Private History in Public: Exhibition and the Settings of Everyday Life
978-0-7591-1934-5 (January 2010)
By Tammy S. Gordon - Foreword by Harold SkramstadAltaMira Press
Telling History: A Manual for Performers and Presenters of First-Person Narratives
978-0-7591-1306-0 (October 2009)
By Joyce M. ThiererAltaMira Press
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