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Postphenomenology and the Philosophy of Technology
As technologies continue to advance, they correspondingly continue to make fundamental changes to our lives. Technological changes have effects on everything from our understandings of ethics, politics, and communication, to gender, science, and selfhood. Philosophical reflection on technology can help draw out and analyze the nature of these changes, and help us to understand both the broad patterns of technological effects and the concrete details. The purpose of this series is to provide a publication outlet for field of the philosophy of technology in general, and the school of thought called “postphenomenology” in particular. The field of philosophy of technology applies insights from the history of philosophy to current issues in technology, and reflects on how technological developments change our understanding of philosophical issues. Postphenomenology is the name of an emerging research perspective used by a growing international and interdisciplinary group of scholars. This perspective utilizes insights from the philosophical tradition of phenomenology to analyze human relationships with technologies, and also integrates philosophical commitments of the American pragmatist tradition of thought.

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