New Directions in Gospel Research
New Directions in Gospel Research (NDGR) examines the canonical Gospels as artifacts of ancient literature and associated literary networks and practices. The series is particularly interested in revisiting so-called “settled” questions in the field, including: the dating of the Gospels, the feasibility of categories like social memory and/or oral tradition and performance, how Romanticism has shaped New Testament studies and the study of so-called Christian Origins, and traditional understandings and translations of concepts and terms (e.g., spirit, faith, belief, power, conversion, baptism).

It is a mission of NDGR to promote the perspectives of historically underrepresented voices in the field of New Testament and Early Christian studies, broadly conceived. This includes colleagues from allied fields (e.g., Classics, Literary Studies, Art History/Archaeology, Fiction/Non-Fiction).

Editor(s): Robyn Faith Walsh, University of Miami (
Advisory Board: Jennifer Eyl (Tufts University), Erin Roberts (University of South Carolina), Gretel Rodríguez (Brown University), and Sarah Rollens (Rhodes College)
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