SERIES: The Anthropology of Tourism: Heritage, Mobility, and Society
The Anthropology of Tourism: Heritage, Mobility, and Society series provides anthropologists and others in the social sciences and humanities with cutting-edge and engaging research on the culture(s) of tourism. This series embraces anthropology’s holistic and comprehensive approach to scholarship, and is sensitive to the complex diversity of human expression. Books in this series will examine tourism’s relationship with cultural heritage and mobility and its impact on society. Contributions will be transdisciplinary in nature, and either look at a particular country, region, or population, or take a more global approach. Including monographs and edited collections, this series is a valuable resource to scholars and students alike who are interested in the various manifestations of tourism and its role as the world’s largest and fastest-growing source of socio-cultural and economic activity.

Editor(s): Michael A. Di Giovine (michael@michaeldigiovine.com) and Noel B. Salazar (noel.salazar@soc.kuleuven.be)
Advisory Board: Quetzil Castañeda, Saskia Cousin, Jackie Feldman, Nelson H. H. Graburn, Jafar Jafari, Tom Selwyn, Valene Smith, Amanda Stronza, Hazel Tucker, and Shinji Yamashita
Staff editorial contact: Kasey Beduhn (kbeduhn@rowman.com)
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