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Contemporary Whitehead Studies
Contemporary Whitehead Studies, co-sponsored by the Whitehead Research Project, is an interdisciplinary book series that publishes manuscripts from scholars with contemporary and innovative approaches to Whitehead studies by giving special focus to projects that explore the connections between Whitehead and contemporary Continental philosophy, especially sources, like Heidegger, or contemporary streams like poststructuralism; connect Whitehead to pragmatism, analytical philosophy, and philosophy of language; explore creative East/West dialogues facilitated by Whitehead’s work; explore the interconnections of the mathematician with the philosopher and the contemporary importance of these parts of Whitehead’s work for the dialogue between sciences and humanities; connect Whitehead to the wider field of philosophy, the humanities, the sciences and academic research with Whitehead’s pluralistic impulses in the context of a pluralistic world; and address Whitehead’s philosophy in the midst of contemporary problems facing humanity, such as climate change, war and peace, race, and the future development of civilization.

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