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Baseball beyond Borders: From Distant Lands to the Major Leagues
978-0-8108-9245-3 (September 2013)
By Frank P. Jozsa Jr.Scarecrow Press
The 50 Greatest Players in St. Louis Cardinals History
978-0-8108-9215-6 (August 2013)
By Robert W. CohenScarecrow Press
The 50 Greatest Players in New York Yankees History
978-1-58979-815-1 (June 2013)
By Robert W. CohenScarecrow Press
The Forgotten Marlins: A Tribute to the 1956-1960 Original Miami Marlins
978-0-8108-9138-8 (June 2013)
By Sam ZygnerScarecrow Press
Baseball's Most Notorious Personalities: A Gallery of Rogues
978-0-8108-9072-5 (May 2013)
By Jonathan WeeksScarecrow Press
Baseball's Iconic 1-0 Games
978-0-8108-8578-3 (January 2013)
By Warren N. WilbertScarecrow Press
The 50 Most Dynamic Duos in Sports History: Baseball, Basketball, Football, and Hockey
978-0-8108-8556-1 (November 2012)
By Robert W. CohenScarecrow Press
Baseball Myths: Debating, Debunking, and Disproving Tales from the Diamond
978-0-8108-8546-2 (September 2012)
By Bill DeaneScarecrow Press
Cellar Dwellers: The Worst Teams in Baseball History
978-0-8108-8532-5 (July 2012)
By Jonathan WeeksScarecrow Press
Early Exits: The Premature Endings of Baseball Careers
978-0-8108-5858-9 (November 2006)
By Brian McKennaScarecrow Press
Jimmie Foxx: The Pride of Sudlersville
978-0-8108-5685-1 (September 2005)
By Mark R. MillikinScarecrow Press
The 100 Greatest Jews in Sports: Ranked According to Achievement
978-0-8108-4775-0 (September 2003)
By B. P. Robert Stephen SilvermanScarecrow Press
The Fierce Fun of Ducky Medwick
978-0-8108-4668-5 (May 2003)
By Thomas BarthelScarecrow Press
Mel Ott: The Gentle Giant
978-0-8108-4598-5 (March 2003)
By Alfred M. MartinScarecrow Press
Sunday at the Ballpark: Billy Sunday's Professional Baseball Career, 1883-1890
978-0-8108-3727-0 (July 2000)
By Wendy KnickerbockerScarecrow Press
Chris Von der Ahe and the St. Louis Browns
978-0-8108-3473-6 (September 1999)
By Thomas J. HetrickScarecrow Press
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