Breaking Down Barriers At Work
In her new book, Sex and the Office: Women, Men and the Sex Partition That’s Dividing the Workplace, Kim Elsesser, PhD explores the well-intentioned corporate practices -- often designed to prevent harassment -- that have the unintentional consequence of holding women back at work by making it difficult for them to find mentors among senior managers, many of whom are men. One of her goals in writing the book was to get people talking about the issue, and it’s working. She’s been featured in Cosmopolitan and is in the current issues of SELF, ELLE and Human Resources Executive magazine in the run-up to the book’s Sept. 1 release.
Inside Chase's Calendar of Events 2016
Holly McGuire, editor of Chase's Calendar of Events, spoke with Publishers Weekly about what it takes to compile the world's most comprehensive and authoritative guide to special days and celebrations, from Talk Like A Pirate Day to Ada Lovelace Day, which honors women in science. The venerable, 752-page guide will be published by Bernan Press in September.
Great Divide earns PW star
With water issues much in the news of late, TwoDot books is especially proud to present The Great Divide, by Stephen Grace and Jim Havey. As Publishers Weekly writes in its starred review, the book “investigates the precarious state of water in Colorado—who owns it and who is entitled to it—and the battles waged over its control… Grace possesses deep insight and a strong sense of place; this presentation, coupled with Havey’s remarkable photos and occasional archival images, is exceptional.” The fully illustrated book is a companion to a film of the same name, which is screening throughout the state.

James Nehring
James Nehring is a career educator and the author of books and articles on schools and teaching.
Bijan C. Bayne
Bijan C. Bayne is an award-winning Washington-based freelance writer who has written for Pro Basketball News, the Washington Post, The Boston Herald, Essence, and Washingtonian.
Lynn Weiss, PhD
Lynn Weiss, PhD, is a nationally recognized authority on ADD and ADHD.